15 Must Have Survival Food For Winter

Knowing what survival food should we store is one way of being self-sufficient when tragedy ten-strikes. Hereas a list of survival food to help you get started with you emergency pantry.

Have A Stockpile Of Survival Food In Your Pantry Now

If you’re in an area where winter season can be very terrible, you’ll need to store enough food to meet the whole family’s needs for the entire winter season. And any prepper can always count on his/ her stockpile of food. Though there were plenty of commercial survival food kits however just checking on the packages will make you lose your craving.

Without a doubt, these survival food kits offer the much-needed nourishment, but then survival food has to provide some consolation too. So as a homesteader, I am well equipped with having my own delectable survival foods that give the body’s much-needed nutrients and attain life more tolerable when SHTF.

Start stockpiling the following survival food it is now time get your emergency pantry ready for the winter season.

1. Bottled Water

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When stocking bottled water consider that youall need one gallon per person each day. A normally active person can consume at least half gallon a day and other half are used for washing and adding to food.

2. Honey

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Honey is the ultimate survival food and health boosting wonder. It is an extraordinary survival food that you can definitely stockpile in your pantry. Store in an airtight jar and keep it dry and cool, and you’ll be amazed at its remarkable shelf life. It will never turn pollute. If you’re buying honey, prefer the all natural organic ranges to have the most bio-active components. Take note that once honey is heated, a lot of its health promoting qualities vanish.

3. Vegetables

Vegetables image via homesteading

Use this list as your guide to having most nutritious veggies available in your pantry. But feel free to add or modify it to meet your preference.

Sweet Potatoes Beets Spinach Greens, like dandelion and collard Peppers, both hot and bell peppers offer essential nutrients Okra Asparagus Tomatoes- juice and whole Carrots Green Beans image credits in homesteading article Acai Berries Figs Mangosteen Pomegranates Goji Berries Apples- if you have a cellar it is perfect to store them fresh just like potatoes. If there’s none, you can opt to canning or drying them. Orange Juice- A good source of vitamin C to help boost immunity. Pineapple and Juice Berries- cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Peaches Pears Prunes image via ngs image via ymcasouthflorida image via homesteading image via homesteading image via livestrong image via genesisgym image via gozamos image via eatthis image via soap image via tuvizo

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