17 Essential Pantry Items for Your Holiday Homestead

Thinking of the essential pantry items you should have for your homestead this holiday? If you donat have the things on this list, better start stocking up! The holidays involve more than merely cups of sugar and sacks of flour!

Pantry Item To Have To A Well Stocked Holiday Pantry

Itas that wonderful time of year again! The time of year where oneas focus should be on family and friends a not budgetary loose end. So how does one balance the two? Hereas an easy trick: host the vacation festivities at your own homestead! All you really need to do to stimulate the celebration a success is to have some key pantry items on hand.

1. Baking Flour

Flour costs cents but provides endless opportunity for loaves of bread and desserts thatall keep your guests happy. Try different flours a and even mixing ranges a to add a gourmet touch. My favorite flours to mix are whole wheat and basic white all intent, but Iave mixed coconut with almond, potato, and quinoa .. the combinations are endless. Just make sure to check into the water absorbency of the flour and make any necessary adjustments. With flour, youall love my easy homemade cookies!

2. Sweet Jam

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Homemade sweet jam is the perfect addition to any breakfast, afternoon, or evening get-together. Yes, itas pretty much perfect all the time. You can use it to flavor homemade loaves of bread or top desserts like chocolate or sponge cake.

3. Pickled Veggies

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Letas face it: pickled things are always an awesome discover at functions. Theyare flavorful, crunchy, and easy to feed while mingling. The best part for you: pickling is super easy a but buying pre-made pickles isnat so bad either.

4. Dry Pasta

Large or frequent functions call for bulk foods. Buying dry pasta and cook for guests is incredibly affordable when you consider the menu costs. Dry pasta can be purchased in bulk, coming out to few cents to a few dollars per serving. Adding your own canned tomato sauce with a fresh topping of herbs makes for the perfect family feast.

If you haven’t triedA making your own pasta noodles at home, I indicate you try it this season. It’s pretty easy and it’s homemade, so you know exactly what’s in it.

5. Sugar

aTis the season, after all! If youare was intended to wow your guests with some sweet homemade goodies, youare likely going to need sugar or a similar replacement. This too can be bought in bulk and kept in the pantry until needed. I recommend doing some of the holiday cooking a little ahead of time and freezing the treats until the day before the event. This saves major day and, if youare anything like me, stress right before the vacation hits.

6. Cocoa Powder

Ask yourself this: How will you ever induce your guests delicious, warming hot chocolate if you donat have any cocoa powder? If you want to really impress your guests, stimulate the liquor from scratch. Just add a few teaspoons of chocolate powder to each beaker of milk, whisk until well-blended and sweetened as desired. The best sweeteners here are definitely liquid: raw honey or agave nectar.

7. Leaveners

Baking soda and baking powder have an expiration date and you need to ensure they have enough oomph for helping your holiday cooked goods rise up to the spirit of the season. If you’re in doubt, stock up on a new batch! I like to transfer my baking assistances into airtight containers with labels on it.

8. Mixed Nuts

When you need a little longer get dinner ready, putting out a bowl of nuts will maintain everyone waiting patiently. The healthy fats and crunchy texture of nuts satiate in a manner that is candy never can. I recommend walnuts, almonds, pistachios, and cashews. You can even roast and flavor them yourself!

9. Shredded Coconut

So you can construct super easy, super quick aholiday ballsa that your guests wonat be able to stop eating, of course. You can build these with classic cocoa and honey, banana and date, or peanut butter banana. These ones are banana date balls rolled in the shredded coconut for that snowball look.

10. Potatoes

No pantry should ever be without potatoes. Potatoes can be shredded and fried for the most delicious potato flapjack breakfasts, simmered and spiced for hearty potato salad sides, blended into soups, made into potato skin cocktails … the list could go on and on. Make sure youare stocked up!

11. Quick Oats

Quick oats are simply fantastic. They can be used as a nourishing breakfast or as an integral ingredient in cookies. Want to make a scrumptious oatmeals bake? Try this.

12. Dried Fruits

Dried fruits, such as cranberries, peaches, cherries, and apples offer a stained glass flair to desserts or cookies. Dried fruits are also perfect snacks for both kids and adults.

13. Canned Tomatoes And Tomato Paste

With canned tomatoes and paste, you can easily whip up a delicious pasta sauce from scratch. Just add spices, dried herbs, and a pinch of salt or sugar to taste.

14. Canned Milk

Use condensed, evaporated, and coconut milk as a backup. No more cream for soups? Use evaporated milk. Condensed or coconut milk are an easy baseA for last-minute puddings.

If you have a source of milk in your homestead, better learn how to prepare them for a longer shelf-life. Don’t know how? Check out here the ways to have a continuous supplying of milk.

15. Cinnamon

Itas the foundation of vacation spice and everything nice! A little sprinkle of cinnamon goes a long way in creating that holiday flavor.

16. Airtight Tins Or Mason Jars

The dollar store has tons of these! They are perfect to store your own baked goods, then use as a gift! Flavor transfers easily from one baked good to another, which is why I opt every kind of cookie having its own container. You will most likely to find tons of holiday-inspired tins, but watch out for solid gold, green, silver, and red and reserve those for year-round.

17. Plastic Zipper Bags

With all the holiday cooking and baking, I’m sure you will be bound to have leftovers of your most used ingredients. It takes some space to store those in containers, especially if they are only just a little bit. But with zipper purses, you’ll save enough space. They are my go-to storage solution and of course, I make sure they have a label.

In need of pantry makeover notions? Check out this video of home DIY tutorial by Kayley Melissa :

With the items above in my pantry, I can truly say that I am ahead of the game once general holidays kick in. You better start stock piling now and get your closets freshened and coordinated!

What do you think of these essential pantry items? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments segment below .

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