Chicken Coop Plan Homesteaders Must Know

Looking for the perfect self-sustaining chicken coop plan? If youare in need of some chicken coop schemes, then this is a must-know and a must-try!

Self-Sustaining Chicken Coop Plan

Building a chicken coop isnat that hard. However, you need a detailed scheme before building one. This is very crucial because the happiness and healthiness of your chickens depend mainly on the coop. The success of your flock also depends on the environment you give them, so be very careful in stimulating your chicken coop.

The ChickenA Coop Plan

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My old man was the type who never liked to waste his time or energy. He would alwaysA be go looking for better and more efficient ways to get theA chore done.

He especially looked for such routes when he had to perform chores.A There were two chores I know he enjoyed doing, and that was raising the chickens andA gardening.

My father decided on his own that he could construct both raising a chick flock andA gardening more likable by finding a way to build them more efficient. He noticed that both ofA these tasks were feeding operations.

When you have a garden, you make sure you properly feed it soA that it can grow great food. You want to ensure you feed your chickens because they in returnA will make you a surplus of eggs and more progeny. My father made up his mind that the best wayA to attain both these tasks easier was to combine then and allow them to feed one another.

The Coop And The Garden

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The wayA he decided he would accomplish this was constructing a” ego Afertilizing” chicken coop/ garden. It was so basic of an idea that my dad could not have been the first person to come up with and doA it. Still, it was the first time for me to see anything like it. My father decided that he would makeA a chicken coop withA little doorways, one on the East side and one on the West side.

On the North side ofA the coop, there was a standardA sized door for us to enter.

OnA the South end, there was aA wide window with a hingedA encompas made ofA wood.

The window facedA directly out to the compost pile. Each day that we cleaned the coop, we would shovel everything out to the compost through theA window.


The first year of chickens that we raised had the run of the yard onA the East side of the coop. My parent maintained all the doors on the west side closed off. In the West yard, heA planted our vegetable garden for everyone to enjoy. ByA dividing the yards to East and West, he told me that both yards had good exposure to the sun.A Since the North side of the coop was in the tint most of the time, it stimulated the most sense to put our doorway there.

Fence To Protect Chicken From Predators

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We set fences around the yards to protect the chickens from predators and control where they went. A In the yard we let the chickens into, they would feed weeds and bugs, and their droppings would fertilize the clay, so the yard would be ready for planting next season.

The Changing Of The Season

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During the fallA season, after the years’ horticulture was completed, my daddy would shut the door on the East side of the coop and open the door on the West side.

All of the chickens were now in charge of runningA the old garden, eating the remaining plants and weeds and fertilizing the soil with their drops. In theA meantime, my dad was set about turning over the chicken droppingA enriched soilA that was on the EastA side of the yard. The chickens wereA now on the West side and were blithely moving about the oldA garden to get ready for the following year’s garden. It is such an efficient technique that my dadA never discovered the need to improve things.

He maintained this highly efficient chicken coop/ gardenA going strong for years.

Take a tour of a chicken coop by Daniel Marleau :

And thatas it. Just recollect, a chicken coop doesnat need to be difficult and complicated. With a proper layout, you’ll be able to provide your chickens a comfy and protected chicken coop they can enjoy.

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