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Bees are disappearing, but creating a bee-friendlyA garden might help bring them back. If you want to attract bees, create a bee-friendly garden with tips from this infographic!

Help Save Bees, Create A Bee-Friendly Garden

It’s big news of late that the number of bees is alarmingly declining. While for most people, the absenceA of bees only means no honey for their tea, gardeners know it’s worse than that. No pollinators mean no fruits and vegetables for us. Since we are more well informed the consequences, we might as well help create a more inviting environmentA for them. Creating a bee-friendly garden and environment is simple and easy. Find out more about a bee-friendly garden as you read through.


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Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden

Creating Image source

Losing our pollinators could very well mean losing our fruits and vegetables. About a third of crops are pollinated by bees andA the world without bees is definitely unimaginable. Here are some of them 😛 TAGEND Apples Image source Cucumber Turnip Avocado Image source Nuts Pears Melons Peaches Image source Passion Fruit Cherries Image source Take an old piece of untreated lumber and drill half an inch wide of holes into the board. Place it in a suitable area where it’s sheltered from the rainfall or you can add a tiny roof to it. Keep your bee house dry and be safeguarded from woodpeckers. Image source Get bamboos from the local garden store and cut them six-inch in length pieces. Place the bamboo inside a tin can to create your bamboo bee home. Place the beeas nest 3 to 6 ft. off the ground in a warm, sunny place that’s protected from the rain. Image source Drill 4 1/8 -inch pits in standard mason jar eyelid. Fill your feeder with a 1:1 ratio concoction of sugar and water. Rest inverted mason jar feeder on two pieces of wood near bee homes. Image source Image source

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