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Every homesteader should learn how to make a homemade stun gun and correctly use it for self-defense. Good thing we have this easy and straightforward tutorial on how to make a homemade stun firearm with materials that may already be in your hands!

Make An Easy DIY Stun Gun For Your Self-Defense

If you’re not confident using a gun or yourA knife abilities and favor other weapons for self-defense, the stun handgun simply might be for you. I myself favor this weapon in self-defense for personal reasons. A stun handgun is an electrical weapon which is usually are applied to immobilize an attacker within arm’s reach with a shock of electricity through a conductor. After it electrifies, this self-defense weapon renders a person incapable of doing anything due to pain and electrocuted sensory and motor nerves. But, why buy a stun firearm when you can save by making one your own. Learn how to make your very own stun handgun as you scroll down!

Let’s Get Started!

What You Will Require:


High-voltage inverter 20 cm PVC tube Safety switching and a momentary switching( main button) 3 As battery and battery housing PVC coupling and soda bottle cap 2 small brass nails Black matte spray paint Cutter and pliers Glue gun

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