How viable is farming without a tractor?

I am working to start a small organic farm next year in Nevada City, California. I am very open minded about the process, and I have to be, because I am still new to farming.

I am currently reading The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook by Wiswall. In it, he indicates employing a tractor for many farm chores. I am sure it can speed up a lot of chores, but I am interested in learning more about farming without a tractor. My reasons are: – the less machinery that I can use, the happier my work will be – a tractor is a big expense

My question is: how realistic is it to try to run a commercial farm without a tractor? I would be so grateful if someone could phase me to actual case study type articles, or books specifically on the subject. I am especially interested in the numbers of this question. What are the financial impacts, positive and negative, of owning a tractor? How much time does a tractor save, and how much day does it use? What are different methods of completing chores without employing a tractor? And, has anyone here operate a commercial farm without a tractor, and how was that experience?

Thank you, everyone, for your time and attention!

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