Make DIY Baby Wipes For A Safe and Organic Alternative

Make these organic DIY baby wipes to protect your baby’s sensitive skin from harmful chemicals that come with commercial baby wipes.

How to Build DIY Baby Wipes | Homemade Baby Products

Babies naturally have smooth, delicate skin, which can easily get irritated by the wrong products. While itas convenient to go for store-bought newborn wipes, they often contain a lot of artificial ingredients. Thus, a better alternative is to create your own DIY baby wipes so you’re sure that there are no toxic ingredients in the mixture. When it comes to your newborn, itas better to be safe than sorry! Be in control of what goes on your babyas skin with this DIY baby wipes recipe.

What youall need:

Airtight Container Paper Towels Measuring Cup and Spoons Serrated Knife Organic Coconut Oil Liquid Castile Soap Essential Oil( optional)

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